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Light Weight & Medical Professional Clogs:

Why do so many healthcare professionals choose clogs as their go-to footwear? There are a variety of reasons but chief among them is the fact that many medical professional clogs are incredibly lightweight. Wearing lightweight medical clogs helps diminish foot fatigue when walking and standing for long periods of time. Designed to help relieve the various pressure points of the feet, comfortable clogs also help support legs, backs and joints. Clogs are also renowned for arch support, posture support and flexibility.

In addition to their comfort factors and lightweight construction, most medical professional clogs also feature slip-resistant outsoles. These types of outsoles are a critically important component of healthcare footwear. Healthcare professionals encounter many slippery and hazardous surfaces during their shifts, so they must have outsoles that increase their safety and stability. In addition to all of their safety benefits, healthcare professional clogs are also incredibly stylish. Many brand name clogs showcase stunning solids, chic prints/patterns, and high quality materials such as leather, jute and suede.

With all of these elements taken into consideration, it’s easy to see why clogs are considered the ultimate medical professional shoe. Get a pair today!