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White Swan

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Information About White Swan Medical Scrubs & Uniforms:

White Swan medical scrubs - the epitome of modern workwear. That's a very bold statement, but White Swan scrub uniforms can back it up. As manufacturers of fine quality scrubwear since 1916, White Swan knows how to pair the practicality of classic scrubwear with finger-on-the-pulse fashion and present-day occupational necessities. It's not an easy task, but White Swan is up to the challenge. With every season that passes, White Swan medical scrubs prove their worth by upholding their commitment to providing stylish, smart and sensible healthcare apparel.

Keeping in step with the latest scrubwear trends, White Swan has spearheaded the design of solid scrubwear with colors that coordinate with facility uniform policies. But rather than offer the standard scrub designs that are normally associated with solid scrubwear, White Swan keeps the features that made those old school scrubs great, while updating them with the style they were lacking. Plus, White Swan continues to offer fashion and seasonal prints beyond compare.

As a trusted brand, White Swan goes above and beyond the normal role of scrubwear designers by offering healthcare professionals more than scrubs. From their universally-acclaimed META lab coats to their trendy layering tees, White Swan has taken all aspects of healthcare wear under its wing. Try White Swan medical scrubs today!