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Designer & Scrub Brand Names:

Brands mean a lot to most consumers. They influence many purchasing habits. Certain names or logos encompass everything that is expected from a particular product. When a consumer favorably equates a brand with quality and dependability it's usually based on a prior positive experience. Make an impression and you have a customer for life. That is the essence of brand loyalty. If you choose your scrubs based on the brand, you'll be happy to learn that ADVANCE Healthcare Shop carries all of the most popular scrub brand names!

Generic or no-frills options may work for certain products, but when it comes to designer scrubs, healthcare professionals want the brands that matter to them most of all. By carrying designer scrubs from the biggest brands in the business, ADVANCE Healthcare Shop gives our customers exactly what they're looking for in healthcare workwear: high-quality fabrics, uniform policy-conforming colors, trendy styles, fabulous fits, fashionable prints, and diverse size selections. From the latest print tops to bestselling solid sets, you'll find plenty of designer scrubs from scrub brand names such as Cherokee, Dickies, Barco, Koi, Landau, White Swan, Healing Hands, WonderWink and other recognizable brands.