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Barco Medical and Uniform Scrubs:

A cut above other scrubwear brands. Known for their legendary quality and everyday value, Barco medical scrubs are fashionably fundamental - and affordable - apparel for today’s healthcare professionals. Not only the name behind the bestselling Grey’s Anatomy line of scrubwear, Barco uniform scrubs are also responsible for many of the hottest lines on the current scrubwear market, including the NrGT, ICUT, ÉlanT, and PrimaT collections.

NrGT Collection: Scrubs that appeal to your sporty side, but maintain a professional appearance. Made from innovative arcFlexT Technology fabric for superior stretch and comfort.

ICUT Collection: A refreshingly unique interpretation of a basic scrubs line, the Barco medical scrubs ICUT Collection includes an impressive selection of core colors available with arcReleaseT stain resistance.

Élan Collection: Favored by many medical professionals for their aesthetically appealing prints, patterns and body styles, these Barco medical scrubs are immensely popular, utterly charming and appropriate for any healthcare setting.

PrimaT Collection: These unconventional interpretations of the classic white scrub tops, pants, vests and dresses are made from luxuriously-soft fabric blends that are simply adorable - and highly professional. Perfect apparel for hospitals, private practices, schools and churches.

Whatever collection you choose, you’ll be thoroughly satisfied with every aspect of Barco uniform scrubs!