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Information About Medical Scrubs and Nursing Uniforms:

Why Wear Scrubs?
The daily schedule of a modern healthcare professional is one filled with activity and devoid of downtime. Wearing the wrong work clothes can prove restrictive, impractical and most of all uncomfortable. That’s why many healthcare professionals and facilities choose medical scrubs and uniforms.

First appearing in the medical world around 1900 (but gaining popularity in the 1970s), these updated uniforms borrowed their name from the practice of “scrubbing up” before surgery. Scrubwear was designed to take the place of the more traditional uniforms that proved to be restrictive and uncomfortable to wear after many hours. Modern medical scrubs and uniforms are not like those of the past. Brand name scrubwear and nursing scrub uniforms are more fashionable, durable and fit better than their old school predecessors.

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