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3/4 Sleeve

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Information about Sleeve Lab Coats & Jackets:

Why do some medical professionals prefer ¾ sleeve lab coats? There are many answers to this question. Some simply find ¾ sleeve lab jackets more fashionable than traditional lab coats. Others prefer the fact that the shorter sleeves don’t get in their way when examining patients or performing various duties. And many pros find themselves frequently rolling up their long sleeves, so they decided to opt for a lab coat that already does the job for them.

But there are also some reasons that aren’t so obvious. Healthcare professionals who don’t have broad shoulders or may be smaller in size prefer ¾ sleeve lab coats because the sleeves provides a more natural or desired fit. Pros working in warmer climates enjoy the comfort provided by the shorter sleeve length, while others keep a ¾ sleeve lab coat on hand for the summer. Safety may also be a reason for purchasing ¾ sleeve lab coats. The shorter length of the sleeve is less likely to get caught in hospital beds or medical equipment. Plus, ¾ sleeves are less likely to become stained around the cuffs.