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Women’s Lab Coats & Jackets:

Are today’s brand name women’s lab coats stylish? Yes! Are they practical? You better believe it! And you'll find the best selection of womens lab jackets currently available for all healthcare professionals right here at ADVANCE Healthcare Shop.

Although lab coats have been a staple of medical wear for quite some time, there are various reasons healthcare professionals enjoy wearing lab coats, lab jackets and consultation coats every day. Many medical and laboratory professionals enjoy a sense of quiet confidence when they wear lab coats. Others enjoy the air of authority that is conveyed by the appearance of lab coats. Modern medical professionals love the fact that many additions to the current crop of lab coats, lab jackets and consultation coats are designed with fashion-forward features such as princess seams, lace detailing, pin tucks, and banded belts. Techies and lab pros are fans of the new line of lab coats that accommodate iPads and computer tablets, while active professionals give a thumb’s up to lab coats made with stretchable fabric blends.

What qualities do you look for in women’s lab coats?