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Information About Medical Lab Coats and Professional Jackets:

At the turn of the 20th century, the medical world began to transform from a vocation steeped in homeopathic and folk-based remedies to one that relied on scientific practices and methods to improve patient health. With medicine’s shift to science-based techniques, the coats that were worn in scientific laboratories began to replace the street clothes and suit jackets that normally adorned those in the medical world. Since that time medical lab coats have become a staple of the physicians’ dress code.

Just as medicine has continued to evolve, so have professional lab jackets. Contemporary medical lab coats have transformed from the traditional knee-length button-up coats to jackets that fit the fashion sense and professional needs of the modern physician. Today’s medical wear designers have created lab coats that are not only more stylish, they’re also equipped with standout features such as adjustable back tabs for a better fit, side-entry seam pockets for pant pocket access, antibacterial properties, and patch pockets sized to fit computer tablets. Witness the ongoing evolution of the lab coat at the ADVANCE Healthcare Shop.