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Portable Finger Pulse Oximeters:

Why are finger pulse oximeters so important to the healthcare world? When a patient starts to lose oxygen, the results can be life threatening. As soon as oxygen loss occurs, medical professionals have precious few minutes to prevent a variety of health risks, including heart failure, brain damage and death. Designed to measuring the oxygen saturation of patient’s blood, finger pulse oximeters can detect changes both minor and significant in oxygen saturation. Since 1985, finger pulse oximeters have become an integral device used in all manner of medical settings. From operating room to recovery rooms, oximeters have demonstrated their life-saving capabilities time and time again.

Our brand name portable pulse oximeters are compact, lightweight and reliable. Perfect for various healthcare professionals, these portable pulse oximeters can be used in both facility and homecare settings. Many of these battery-operated oximeters offer an array of standout features, including easy-to-read digital displays, visual/audible alarms, protective casings, and automatic power-off options to conserve battery life. Plus, many of our finger pulse oximeters come with manufacturer’s warranties.