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Medical Penlights & Otoscopes:

When someone mentions medical equipment, the first images that come to mind are stethoscopes, scalpels, and complicated electronic devices with difficult to pronounce names. But most folks overlook two smaller, but incredibly important pieces of equipment: medical penlights and medical otoscopes. These two medical accessories prove their worth during various situations. From routine examinations to emergency situations, medical penlights and medical otoscopes are necessary tools for the healthcare trade.

ADVANCE Healthcare Shop makes it our mission to supply physicians, nurses, EMTs, students and other professionals with high-quality medical penlights and otoscopes. Our selection of penlights includes both brand name choices and our own designs featuring original logos and slogans. We carry both battery-operated reusable medical penlights as well as the disposable variety. As opposed to wall-mountable otoscopes, all of our pocket-sized brand name medical otoscopes are of the portable, battery-operated variety. These portable medical otoscopes are not restricted by cables and plugs. Students and professionals can move more freely with them for a more thorough and patient-friendly examination of the ears.

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