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Custom Apparel

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Fashionable tees, tanks,
outerwear and personalizable
apparel—all with unique
logos and embroidery for
healthcare professionals.

Logo Medical Clothing and Healthcare Apparel:

The shift is over and the scrubs are in the laundry. What’s a healthcare professional to wear when the workday is done? Exclusive healthcare apparel from ADVANCE Healthcare Shop, of course! Our line of logo medical clothing and apparel gives healthcare professionals easy options for everyday wear.

Unbeatable Comfort:
When you feel comfortable, you generate a relaxed attitude and a visible confidence that’s appreciated after a busy day. If you’re wearing confining or ill-fitting clothing, your discomfort is clearly visible, which isn’t a benefit to anyone. Our line of healthcare apparel is available in various sizes and styles, so it’s easy to find something that fits every body type.

Express Yourself:
Exclusive logo medical clothing puts the passion that you have for your healthcare profession on full display. From nurses and physician assistants to physical therapists and speech-language pathologists, our collection of tees, fleeces, polos, jackets and other embroidered/printed apparel lets the world know that you’re a spirited member of the healthcare community. Best of all, our original artwork and slogans not only represent the pride you feel inside, they’re also perfect for celebrating professional event days and weeks.

Create Your Own Look:
Many of our apparel products are available for our custom embroidery program. This program lets you add a name, credentials, department classification, facility/organization name or team name for a special touch.

Enjoy your “me time” with exclusive apparel from ADVANCE Healthcare Shop!