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Nursing and Medical Watches:

Although not normally associated with the public's perception of standard medical equipment, a well-made watch is important in healthcare situations both common and critical. The reliance on medical watches to perform and assist in key aspects of healthcare should never be overlooked. That's why ADVANCE Healthcare Shop has been offering customers brand name medical and nursing watches since its inception.

From EMTs to physicians, medical watches serve all healthcare professions. More than just a way to tell time, track a shift or dress up a set of scrubs, these practical accessories really prove their value with one of the most commonplace activities of any medical profession: pulse readings. Whenever vitals are checked, you can be sure a reliable watch is a key component.

Checking vitals isn't the only time a trusty watch comes in handy. Medical watches help nurses when updating patient charts or dispensing medication. They allow PTs to time patients during their therapy sessions. Professional watches assist rad techs when performing timed exams and dentists when casting dental molds.

From wristwatches to carabiner-style clip-ons, our line of medical watches includes favorites from Nurse Mates, TIMEX, Prestige Medical and other popular brands. When it's time for a new watch, ADVANCE Healthcare Shop has what you need!